It is not my vagina
neither my dress
or my make up
or me acting “like a slut”.

It is your attitude,
and them
keeping their mouth shut.

It is woman been raped
And the society been fucked’.

It is you not standing up
And men doing it too much.

It is the fear of a dark street,
preparing for this
to be my last sheet…

It is body shaming
And lie spreading

Not caring about the consequences
We Woman are feeling.

—-> This is to a world
        without the word
        “Feminism” -
        our equality 
        shouldn’t even be a point.

No suprise
No offense

Just my stupid dreams again!…


- Eleventeen


We all are sculptures.

And we do need the punch, to be formed.

Into who we really are, who we were meant to be.


It hurts so much

I wanna cry,

but I won´t give up

on living my life.

"Respect all, Love few, Trust none."
- Eleventeen


Some are filled with dreams, Some with pills.
I used to be filled with life and happiness.
☠ ✞
My Halloween advice for you.☠
Happy Halloween!
Seriously, it´s 100% fun when you get told that. 
The fun just starts at 4 p.m
and we couldn´t wait to grow up…

when you understand why “was” then you understand the poem. 
I mean, just look at us, look at yourself. Just look how happy we are
perfectic theme